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Public Campaign Viewing Options / Sharing things to Social Media

Suggestions & Feedback 11 months ago by Takkin
Takkin smirk 100 Takkin Commented on Mar 25, 2019:

Heya! I was looking through the paid options and was hoping to come across something that would allow me to have the Campaign be opened up for public viewing. This way people that follow the history/events of our sessions can easily follow along and check out information.

I'd love to be able to have the Player Characters, NPC's, Town/Shops, etc... information open to public viewing so they could get a bit more immersed into the environment and story that we're telling overall. Currently only my players have that option, and the rest of the information we have to post to either a website or other type of media. If I had that option here on Chronica... then that would make my life SO much easier.

Big fan so far though! I've only poked around for about an hour and already see the potential here. I'm really looking forward to adding more of our information and seeing how things develop.

Raiden AllenVoorEef Commented on Jan 08, 2020:

Commenting to second this! I'd love to be able to share the adventure journal to social media. I read somewhere about the legal challenges this brings for you so I understand this isn't as easy as it sounds, but I just wanted to leave a +1 on this request.

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Jan 16, 2020:

Hello! Great to have you guys here :) This is something we would love to have at some point, we just need to make sure we are completely in the clear by showing some of this user content publicly (since some users may upload content they have purchased for private use or copyright content). Right now we went with the "better safe than sorry" approach and made everything private. I will make a note to bring it up again for discussion internally. ^-^ Thank you so much!