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All Thread Categories Technical Support & Bugs [FIXED] Text boxes not editable in encounters

[FIXED] Text boxes not editable in encounters

Technical Support & Bugs 6 months ago by Wayne_Ingram
Headshot instagram Wayne_Ingram Commented on Sep 02, 2019:

If I try to edit an encounter, I am now no longer able to edit the "Notes" or "Events/Triggers/Traps" sections. Text already in the boxes appear but as an inedible field. This began about 24-48hrs ago.

Default avatar ChronicaM4118 Commented on Sep 03, 2019:

I am looking into this now, thank you! :) -- Edit: Whoops this is Lithxe the developer, I was accidentally still logged into a test account. c:"

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Sep 07, 2019:

This should have been fixed last patch, if you are still having any trouble please let me know! :)