Welcome to Chronica

October 28, 2018

Welcome to Chronica, a tabletop RPG campaign manager. Our news page will be utilized to give updates on the progress of development as well as other relevant articles our team writes. 

Chronica came about because our online campaign became too difficult to track and manage. The tools out there now did not satisfy all our needs. Luckily, our group had the skills we needed to start building our vision, which allowed us to get off the ground without the hassle of crowdfunding. This means you will be able to jump right in on launch day, and not have to make a pledge, hoping we follow through.

Our team has invested an enormous amount of time between paying jobs, family, and life, to bring Chronica alive to the public. It is a labor of love! Not only time, but money has gone into making assets, hosting servers, business fees, etc. We are dedicated to providing a wonderful product, and are excited to be launching officially in 2019! Our closed beta testing is already under way, but if you are an influencer in the realm of tabletop gaming please feel free to contact us for early beta access.

Chronica takes the stress and tediousness out of world building. Our app helps you manage and organize a multitude of data from NPCs, quests, maps, shops, inventories and more. You can join or host multiple campaigns on your Chronica account, switching between them easily on your dashboard. Check upcoming events across all campaigns so you can safely schedule another game. Send messages to other users or add them to your friends list. Create shops and fill them with items for your players to peruse and purchase. Track player and party wealth and inventories. The list goes on!

If you are as excited as we are, please join our newsletter to stay updated on important events and launch dates. We will have an Early Adopter rate for the first few days of launch, which will get your subscription at a discount for a limited time, as well as our free plan with ads. See you soon!

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