Campaigns & Players

Create a campaign from your User Dashboard by clicking the green "New Campaign" button in the Campaigns panel. The creator becomes the Game Owner and manages the subscription of the campaign.

To start a new campaign, all you need is a name and the game system you are using to play (D&D, Pathfinder, etc). The Game System field does not affect anything within Chronica yet, but we use the data to prioritize features for the most popular systems being used.

Once created, you will arrive at the Campaign Overview page. This page gives you a quick look at your subscription tier, storage, players, etc.

Click the orange "Campaign Subscription Settings" button to change your subscription. Your campaign will always start out on the Free (Peasant) tier.

Click the green "Edit Campaign" button in the top right to add some content to your campaign's About section. In your campaign settings, you can also change the campaign name, game system, add some Game Master Secrets for your reference, and change the header image.

To delete your campaign, you will need to make sure your campaign is moved to the Free tier which will cancel your subscription, then on the Edit Campaign page, click the big red "Permanently Delete" button. Warning: This cannot be undone. All campaign data will be completely and permanently deleted. Only the Game Owner is able to delete a campaign.

Players In your Campaign

To add players to your campaign, in the left navigation, click Party Info and then click the green "New Player" button in the top right. The player you are adding must have an account on Chronica and you will need their username. You can also add players right from your friends list.

On the New Player screen, you will have the option to set player permissions for this campaign. Any Game Master is able to set permissions for other players, but only the Game Owner can set other Game Masters. Don't worry, these settings can always be changed by editing the settings for each player later.

Player settings allow you to open up certain functionality to your group. For example, assign a CityPlanner which gives access to the Kingdom Building tools so your player can create and edit cities and districts. Assign a Cartographer to give access to Regional Maps so they can create and edit tiles. You may assign multiple admin duties to a single player.

Giving players specific jobs and admin controls can help keep data updated and organized -- and avoid multiple players editing over one another.

Party Info Page

This is an overview of your party. It lists all players with their main characters (if they have one assigned), the party wealth, and party inventory.

As a GM, to view one of your player's inventories or wealth, click their username and it will take you to their dashboard.

If you are a GM, you can also see the Player Admins Quickview panel which will give you an at-a-glance look at which players have which permissions.

Player Dashboard

This page is unique to each player. View your personal wealth, inventory, characters, notes and custom links. You can also see upcoming events for the current campaign.

Edit your player settings by clicking the green "Edit Player Settings" button in the top right. Game Masters can also see each Player Dashboard, including inventory and wealth.

If your GM has set up Currency, you can edit your player wealth by clicking the green "Edit Wealth" button in the Player Wealth panel. You are able to add or subtract for each box, and values will automatically adjust.

Click the blue "View Inventory" button in the Player Inventory panel to view your full inventory. The panel will only show the latest few items. You can also quickly add an item from this page by clicking the green "Add Item" or "Quick-add Multiple Items" buttons in this panel.

The Notes panel is for recording personal notes about anything you'd like. Only you and your GM can see these.

You can also add your own Links in the Links panel. If there are certain sites outside of Chronica or even pages within your campaign that you want quick and easy access to, add them as a link here.