12.0 Kinships

The idea behind kinships is broad, and they can be used for multiple purposes. Kinships allow you to group characters together by creating families, guilds, religious orders, teams, etc. Folders can help organize kinships by type or location.

Click the blue "View Kinship" button to see the full kinship profile and any characters. The full profile contains the entire description, notes, and GM secrets. You will also be able to view small character cards of anyone in the kinship. See section: Adding Characters to Kinships

View your kinships in Chronica Chronica kinships main screen
View the full kinship profile to see characters Kinship profile screen

12.1 Creating & Editing Kinships

To create a kinship, click the green "New Kinship" button in the upper right of the main kinship screen. To edit a kinship, click the green "Edit" button on the kinship cards of the main screen, or the "Edit Kinship" button in the upper right of any kinship profile.

You will first want to give your kinship a name. If you are a Game Master, you will see the next section which allows you to select a folder for the kinship or mark it secret. If marked secret, the kinship will be hidden from your players.

The next few inputs can be used as needed, depending on what kind of data you want to track. The Type field is useful if you are using kinships for multiple kinds of groups, and need to differentiate them at a glance. The Location field can be used to mark a country or city in your game where the kinship resides.

Use the Description box to type out a full description of your kinship, while Notes can be used for extra information or notes from the party's interaction or knowledge of the kinship.

The final text editor is only visible to GM's and can be used to keep secret notes from your players.

Last, upload an image to represent your kinship. This is generally some sort of family emblem, guild badge, religious symbol, etc. If you are on our Knight, Monarch, or Deity tiers, you have access to our Image Library. We have a good selection of kinship badge images to choose from to make your kinship look amazing! You are also welcome to upload your own badge image.

Deleting a Kinship

Delete a kinship from the kinship edit form. At the bottom left of the form you will see a red button labeled "Delete Kinship". All connections between this kinship and your characters will be destroyed. This cannot be undone.

Create kinships on Chronica to group characters together Create / edit kinship form

12.2 Adding Characters to Kinships

Once you create a Kinship, you can add characters to it by clicking the green "Add Character" button in the top right. This opens the New Connection form modal.

First you will want to select a Character from the dropdown. Both NPCs and Player Characters are listed.

Next you can set a Title that pertains to the connection, like "Leader" or "Intern", etc. This title appears on the character profile pages in the connections box, so in the Preposition dropdown, select a word that makes sense to connect the title and the kinship. That way the title and kinship can read correctly, for example: "King in The North", "President of Chess Club", "Enemy of The Rebellion".

The Notes text editor can be used if you have additional information to remember about how that character fits within the kinship. These notes are viewable both on the kinship page and character profile pages.

Click the blue "Create Connection" button when you are done.

Create a connection to a character to add it to your kinship Kinship new connection form modal

12.3 Kinship Folders

If you are a Game Master, you will see a blue "Manage Folders" button at the top of the main kinships screen. Click this to see a list of all kinship folders in a table. To add a new folder, click the green "New Folder" button in the upper right. Use the green "Edit Folder" in the table to edit a folder.

You can sort your folders by drag-and-dropping the handle icon in the left of the table. The order is saved as soon as you move a table row.

If the name of the folder has a small eye icon next to it, that means that folder is secret and hidden from players on the main screen. Note: Kinships within a secret folder will be hidden on the kinships screen, but to make them truly secret across the campaign you need to mark the individual kinship as secret.

Create folders to organize your kinships in Chronica Manage kinship folders screen
Create or edit folders to organize your kinships on Chronica Create / edit kinship folders modal