11.0 NPC & Player Codex

NPC Codex

Use the NPC Codex to keep track of important characters you come across while adventuring. Many times you need to reference these characters again later in the game. Click the blue "Full Profile" button at the bottom of the character card to view their full profile page. The "Quick Edit" button gives you a trimmed-down form for details that change more often during gameplay for making quick changes. The "Edit" button will take you to the full edit page. Only GMs and RecordKeepers have access to the Edit and Quick Edit buttons.

Player Codex

The Player Codex is similar to the NPC Codex, but for player-owned characters instead. Add everyone from your main to your familiar, to your mount! Click the "New Character" button in the top right of the Player Codex page to get started. In order for the character to show up in Codex, it must be assigned to a player in the campaign. Do this at the bottom of the form by selecting someone in the "Player" dropdown. The "Special" dropdown is used to denote if the character is a mount, familiar, etc. Selecting "Main Character" in the "Special" dropdown, assigns that character to the player and will show up on your Party Info page.

11.1 Creating & Editing Characters

Content coming soon.

11.2 Character Profiles

The character profile contains a wealth of information. Your description, notes, GM notes, and similar information will appear if there is data to show. The Flair box is used to add custom blurbs to a character that do not fall under a Stat or Ability. Use this space to add character flaws, custom special abilities, or even obscure information like their favorite cheese.

Character Connections are used to add a link to another character that they have some sort of relationship with. Spouses, enemies, captains, etc. You can link the character with a title (Ex: Father) and some extra notes if needed. If this character is part of a city staff, or shopkeeper, that connection will show here as well. The connections are one-way at this time, so you will need to create the connection with details on both characters to have a two-way connection.

Links are used if you need to keep extra links handy for that character. You can link offsite or to another Chronica page. Link to a spellbook, a character sheet, or family tree, etc.

At the top of the character profile you will see a green "Edit Character Abilities" button. This button will allow you to pull any abilities from your Abilities Admin to add to this character. Simply check all that apply and save, and these abilities will display on the character profile.

Character Sheets

To create your character sheets, you will use a combination of the features below. Click on the guides for more in depth information about each:

  1. Character Stats & Stat Types
  2. Abilities & Ability Types
  3. Flair

11.3 NPC Folders

The NPC Codex is able to be organized into folders. If you are a GM, click the blue "Manage Folders" button at the top to get started. You can add new folders using the green "New Folder" at the top. By marking a folder secret, the folder and any NPCs inside will be hidden on the Codex from players. However, unless the character itself is marked secret, it may still appear elsewhere on your campaign (via connections or in kinships, etc).

You can sort your folders by drag-and-dropping the handle icon in the left of the table. The order is saved as soon as you move a table row.