24.0 Stats, Abilities, Flair

Use Character Stats, Abilities, and Flair to add all sorts of information to your character or entity pages.

Stats and Abilities can be cloned from other campaigns, if you have set them up previously, or check our Discord #campaign-templates channel to see if another user has one you can clone. Otherwise, Character Stats admin and Character Abilities admin can be found in the left navigation of your campaign towards the bottom under Game Master Settings. Flair is added directly from your character profile pages, since it is character-specific.


Stats are used to add global variables to all characters, but with custom values specific to each character. (Ex: All characters track Health or Sanity, but they have different values per character.) You can also use stats to add additional profile info like Temperament, Hair Color, Favorite Food, etc.

You will first need to add a Stat Type. Do this by clicking the green "New Stat Type" button in the top right of the Character Stats admin page. This allows you to organize stats into sections on the character or entity profiles. Click the "Secret?" toggle to hide all stats in that type from players. This will prevent your players from seeing stats that should not be public.

Stats and Stat Types can be sorted by clicking and dragging the small square grid icons.


Abilities are used to add global variables to characters, where the value does not change between characters. (Ex: a spell like Magic Missiles where the description is the same for anyone with the same spell.) You'll be able to choose which Abilities show up on each character page.

Similar to stats above, you will need to create an Ability Type first. Click the green "New Ability Type" button in the top right of the Character Abilities admin page to start! Ability Types can also be marked secret to hide contents from players.

Abilities and Ability Types can be sorted by clicking and dragging the small square grid icons.


Flair is used to add custom blurbs to specific characters that do not fit into Stats or Abilities. This is useful if a character has a special move unique to them, an item bonus or ability, etc. You can add flair to a character from the character profile page in the Flair panel. Find and click the small green "Add Flair" button to open the modal window. The short description will show on the character profile with the long description available once you click it. You can change the order of flair by adding a number into the Order box. We will be adding drag-and-drop sorting to this feature in the future.