11.3 Quest Ancestry
11.0 Quest Log 11.3 Quest Ancestry

With the quest ancestry feature, you can nest quests to create a chain or storyline for your players to progress down. The entire ancestry tree will always appear within the quest details so you can reference where you are within the quest chain.

The colored icons next to the quest titles denote their status. Hover over the icon to view the status, or click the quest title to view that quest.

Click the small dark "Sort Quests" button to open a modal window where you can drag and drop to change the display order of quests at each level. The order is saved automatically as you drag and drop.

Nest quests to create quest chains for story arcs in Chronica Quest ancestry box in quest details pane
Sort your nested quests to create groups and quest chains for story arcs in Chronica Sort nested quest order modal